Fire Detection Systems

- With 15 years experience KD Electrical can provide effective and practical solutions to meet specific client requirements. From a simple conventional system to a more complex addressable system, our engineers can advise on all aspects relevant to the clients needs.


- We consider the design stage to be one of the most critical parts of any fire alarm installation. If not carried out correctly, you could have a system that does not comply with regulations(I.S 3217:2013). A below standard installation may give out false alarms or at worse fail to detect fire correctly or not at all.


- The installation of your fire alarm system must not only comply with IS 3218:2013 but also the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. Our engineers are competent in both aspects of installation. We will ensure that the alarm system is fitted in accordance with the plans/design specification.


- This is considered possibly the most important step in the installation of the fire alarm system. KD Electrical will ensure that the system is fitted as per the design specifications and drawings. We will also ensure that the system complies with I.S 3218:2013 and wiring is to current wiring regulations. Once satisfied the system is as it should be, we will then test every device, detector and sounder etc on the system including checking the system performs as it should in various fault scenarios. If unhappy with the system, our engineer will give a list of works to be carried out before a re-test is scheduled.


- Ensure that Fire is detected at the earliest stage to ensure the safety of all occupants and to minimise the risk of damage to your property. Whether you already have a testing and maintenance programme in place or are starting from scratch, we are able to help you fulfill your safety obligations by providing a reliable and cost effective testing service for your Fire Alarm System. Insurance companies are now demanding that periodic testing be carried out on important life saving safety systems. Poor maintenance can lead to failure of these systems with catastrophic consequences. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that these systems are suitably maintained and checked to ensure they are safe and compliant. All fire alarms and detection systems should now be installed, tested and inspected in accordance with I.S. 3218:2013.

By putting your Fire Alarm System through a series of tests, we can ensure that all devices are functioning properly and will alert all occupants in the event of a fire giving enough warning to save lives and limit damage to your property. Periodic inspections will identify any faults which can then be cleared. KD Electrical can carry out maintenance and remedial work on all types of manufacture of Fire System in accordance with I.S. 3218:2013.

Regular testing will ensure that you meet the requirements of Fire Inspectors and your Insurance Carrier.

Insurance claims following a fire may be rejected if you do not have proof of complete annual inspections.

Following agreement of Contract, KD Electrical will carry out a full survey of your Fire Alarm System. We will complete a full device check throughout.

Over time, Smoke Detectors may become less sensitive or may become contaminated. Batteries in Control Panels will need to be changed and general faults can develop on the system. These faults may only be detected through periodic testing.


- All ancillaries will be identified, labelled and dated.

Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors will be tested to ensure proper functionality.

All Break Glass Units tested.

Bells and Sounders will be tested to ensure that they provide sufficient sound(decibel) levels in all areas and strobes will be checked.

Fire Detection Panels and Batteries will be checked to ensure reliability.

On completion of testing, we will issue a Certificate of Fire Alarm Test and report within 28 days of completion of test along with maintenance records, log book and requirements for in-house weekly, monthly and quarterly tests to be carried out. Faults and recommendations will be reported to you along with results of tests recorded in a Log Book. Customers will be notified of each quarterly test two weeks prior to commencement.

No remedial work will be carried out without prior agreement with you the customer. Remote monitoring of all systems available. Quotations on request.

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