Emergency lighting systems

Emergency lighting systems are installed to provide assistance in evacuating a building in the event of loss of the supply to the general lighting circuits, through Fire or power failure. Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case lighting fails. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that all these systems are suitably maintained and checked to ensure they are safe and compliant. All emergency lighting systems should now be installed, tested and inspected in accordance with I.S 3218:2013.

During the initial visit, all ancillaries will be identified, labelled and dated.

Every circuit supplying an emergency light is isolated to demonstrate that the internal batteries in the emergency fitting keep the exits and exit routes illuminated during power failures. We will advise maintenance on any lighting units that fail to illuminate clearly or brightly, have blackened bulbs or tubes etc or do not maintain luminance for the required length of time.

Every 12 months a full discharge test (1hr or 3hr, dependent on system installed) must be performed by a competent person to ensure the batteries are capable of lasting for the required period.

Each light is inspected to ensure it operates correctly and that the lamp inside is functional. Our electrician will check that there are a sufficient number of lights and that the correct evacuation legends are fitted during the test visit to the premises.

Upon completion of the test, we will provide a report on any necessary repairs or improvements that may be required before issue of test certificate. On completion of testing, we will issue a Certificate of Emergency Lighting Test and report within 28 days of completion along with maintenance records. Emergency lighting log book and requirements for in-house weekly, monthly and quarterly tests to be carried out. Clients will be notified of quarterly tests two weeks prior to commencement.

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